Black March 1990 – 33 years since the Ethnic Clashes in Romania

Only a few months on the aftermath of the Romanian Revolution, on 19-20 March 1990, the public opinion in Romania and abroad was shocked by the ethnic conflict between Hungarians and Romanians from Târgu-Mureș • Marosvásárhely. The events, broadcasted by the most important radio and TV stations in the world resulted in five deaths – Romanians and Hungarians – and 278 wounded.

The society from Târgu-Mureș • Marosvásárhely and Transylvania found itself between two historical realities: the recent memory of ethnic atrocities and the need to coexist in a multi-ethnic society. It was the moment when the leadership of the Hungarian community in Romania strengthened its view that minority rights can be obtained only using democratic tools and by participation in the Romanian public life.

The 33th anniversary of the events in Târgu-Mureș • Marosvásárhely, gives us the opportunity to commemorate Black March and its effects on our present. The conference, film screening and photo exhibition events in Brussels will create the opportunity to discuss the condition and the role of the minority communities in the society and their effect on peace and stability.


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